CAPT Charles C. King USN Ret

Although I won't be able to attend the Reno reunion, thought I would pass along to all old shipmates that I am alive and well in Olympia, WA.  I joined Raton (SSR-270_ in Sept 59, qualified the next year, and left in June 62.  Subsequently served as OINC Cobia in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Ops/Nav in Bashaw in San Diego, X.O. Medregal in Pearl and commanded Threadfin in Key West.  Also X.O. Orion (AS-17) and Chief of Staff and Operations Officer for SUBGROUP 6 in Charleston, SC.

Retired as C. O. Naval Coastal Systems Centeer, Panama City, FL in May 86.  Had a great career but have lost track of the many great submariners I had the priviledge to serve with.  Please give my regards to all who attend.  By the way, I am the C.C. King who assisted with the qualification of Bob Stanley (American Submariner Sept/Oct 99) during our reunion in Hagerstown last year.  Great thrill.

Warmest regards and best wishes,

Capt. Charles C. King USN Ret
Duane Stuker
EN3(SS) 1957-1959
Does anybody know the whereabouts of Ireland Pat McGee or Tony Romitti(sp?).  Both were on board in the 57 - 59 time frame.  Pat was an ET and Tony was an EN.  Tony went off to nuclear school in late 58 or early 59.  Pat went back to Fort Worth, and the last I heard from him was around 1966.  I will not be able to be at the reunion, but if you folks could ask around and someone let me know what you find out, I would really appreciate it.  Thanks, Duane Stuker

Lee Williams RMCS(SS)
1958 - 1960
Hello Bill Decker,

My name is Lee Williams and I came aboard USS Raton SSR-270 in the summer of 1958 prior to a six month yard period at Hunters Point NSY in San Francisco.  Reported aboard as a RMSA and left a year and a half later as RMC(SS) for staff duty at Commander Submarine Group Westpac in Yokosuka, Japan.  Raton was a good boat and had one hell of a fine crew.  Wish I could make the reunion but am now retired (E-8) and living in the Philippines with a son going to Harvard University on a scholarship and can't really afford it at this time.  Howeveer here wishing all a very good time at said affair, watch your down angle.

Anyone heading this way direct them to the American Legion Post No. 4 in Olongapio City and ask for the Post Commander.  Thats my title these days and have been at it since 1987.  First San Miguel on Me.  Mabuhuay from Paradise.  Lee
From Charlie Hill
ENC(SS) 1957 - 1960; 1962 - 1964

The Raton being my first submarine - which I first saw, in the Philadelphia Shipyard drydock in two pieces - and saying "I would never go aboard that boat." 

But!  That "Boat" turned out to be "A" great and rewarding experience.  In the Good, the Bad and of course the indifferance.  In such that, there were several enjoyable WESTPAC cruises, etc.

With the most horrifying being getting the ASW antenna knocked off.

There were other boats - Pomodon, Bluegill - yet the old Rat Fish has been the greater of them all, in my seafaring as a submariner.

Charlie Hill