Raton Rescues Troubled Japanese Fishing Vessell Off Okinawa Cosat
Cruising off Okinawa at midnight on August 10, the USS Raton (SSR 270), enroute from Hong Kong to Japan, answered the flashing light SOS of the 21 - ton motor vessel, Kyoei-Maru.
     Adrift in the open sea 35 miles southeast of Okinawa, and without radio equipment to call for assistance, the Kyoei-Maru's main drive shaft had split and her engine bearings were burned.
     The vessel carried five crew members and five fishermen.
     Seeing the flashing light SOS, the Raton alerted sea-air rescue facilities, and then took the vessell in tow and proceeded toward Naha Harbor in Okinawa.  While they were towing, a Coast Guard rescue patrol bomber circled overhead.
     A rendesvous was completed with a sea-going tug which took the disabled vessel in tow to her home port.
     A radar picket submarine, the Raton is commanded by LCDR Robert Williamson, and is a member of SubFlot One in San Diego. 
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