On 4 August, T-0711 sighted a ship hugging the coast off Cape Bolino, slow speed, with small cargo Maru (AK) and aircraft cover.  At T-1002 fired four torpedoes, Lat 16-01N Long 119-43E, one hit.  Explosions from three aerial bombs, close, escort now closing, went deep, many depth charges, then four bombs, turned away, withdrew from area close to shore. 
On 5 August at T-1400 surfaced.  Passed through area of considerable debris, most of blocks of crude rubber, bamboo life rafts, oil drums and other wreckage.  Position 14 miles off Cape Bolino, P. I. Light.  7 August, exchanged recognition signals with ASPRO, sent off contact report.  At T-0105 sighted smoke, then ships with air cover.  Contact was on large transport (AP) with four escorts and five medium cargo ships (AK).  At T-0757 fired three torpedoes at closest escort, range 1,200 yards, wtached torpedoes pass ahead.  Escorts closed, went to 300 feet, depth charges began, much sonar pinging (17 KC).  Escorts stayed with us 25 miles from the firing point.  Surfaced when clear.  SJ radar interference, probably GUITARRO, dove.  At T-1030 heard torpedo explosions, followed by 50 depth charges, distant.  Surfaced T-1501, saw distant burning ship and circling aircraft.  At T-1502 sighted plane (pete) closing us, dove, two aerial bombs, close, went off.  Surfaced T-1855.  12 August, T-0545 sighted GUITARRO, closed, and exchanged data.  15 August, received contact report from RASHER, now patrolling off Cape Calavite.  21 August, T-0500 made quick dive, heard explosions, many depth charges, also saw the burning ship sink.  Saw columns of smoke from ships headed for Palawal Passage.  Contacted GUITARRO, we could not close.  Worked our search area.  22-23-24 August patrolled off Cape Calavite, off Mindoro Island, P. I.  25 August took southerly course, 30 August transit Sibutu Strait, 2 September crossed the Equator and 3 September cleared Makasar Strait.  Cleared Lombok Strait, 6-10 September en-route Freemantle.  At T-0845 moored alongside EURYALE.  Raton was credited with damaging a tanker (AO) 9,000 tons.  This patrol was designated "Not Successful". 
RATON WAR PATROL # 6 - Commanding Officer, M. W. "Mike" Shea CDR USN
The sixth war patrol was conducted in the South China Sea, off the approaches of Palawan Passage and off the west coast of Luzon, P. I.  With BREAM and GUITARRO, later with RAY and BATFISH.  During this patrol, Raton returned to Mios Woendi, at eastern end of New Guinea, for re-load on 25 October and resumed patrol two days later.  Duration of patrol was 57 days.  On 6 October, T-1300 departed, en-route Exmouth Gulf, arriving 9 October, took on 10,000 gallons fuel.  Transit of Lombok Strait 15 October, T-2145.  On 14 October sighted FLASHER, exchanged info.  Transit of Mindoro Strait 17 October.  Exchanged calls with ANGLER and BLUEGILL off Cape Calavite, P. I.  On 18 October, contact from BLUEGILL, reports convoy, 12 ships leaving Manila.  At T-1255 sighted smoke with aircraft circling.  SD radar contact four miles closing, dove at T-1558.  At T-1746, rain lifted, convoy is in sight.  CO, XO, OOD surveyed convoy, determined nine large ships (AK/AP), one destroyer (DD).  Three sets pinging, estimate range 7,000 yards, weather picking up.  Angle too large, could not get in to attack.  At T-1900, surfaced, range now 18,450 yards began chase, tracking.  Contact report to BLUEGILL, no answer three times.  At T-2143, range 10,000 yards, began run (attack #1), concluded escorts had radar.  At T-2303 in attack position, now 3,000 yards, astern leading ship in column.  One ship estimated 600 yards from us.  Began firing at T-2204, range 1,800 yards.  Swinging, fired six MK 23 torpedoes.  At T-2205, steadied for firing stern tubes, range now 560-600 yards, all MK 14s.  CO and bridge members saw five hits from bow tubes on three ships.  Stern tubes began hitting, two hits were seen, three heard below.  Raton was credited with sinking three large cargo ships (AK) with bow tubes, and one large cargo (AK) with stern tubes.  At T-2221, re-load completed.  Radar indicates pips gone.  Many explosions in surrounding area, rain heavy, wind up.  At T-2341 began run at zigzagging target at 10,000 yards.  At T-0010, fired four MK 23s on radar bearing at 1,500 yards.  All torpedoes ran under, however, one hit a destroyer escort (DD/DE), which sunk with his depth charges exploding.  At T-0016, pulled clear, re-loaded bow tubes, commenced tracking for another run.  Decoded a BLUEGILL report "Q" ship among convoy, which now appears to be the ship between main body and us.  Weather conditions decreasing rapidly, now near Typhoon proportions.  At T-0203 on 19 October, reached favorable position, starboard flank of convoy.  Radar shows five large pips, two small, in two columns.  Range now 6,000 yards.  At T-0213 passed astern of escort, commenced firing (attack #3) bow tubes.  Visibility very poor, saw overlapping targets, fired from radar bearing at 1,200 yards.  At T-0218 two explosions were heard and timed as hits on two ships in far column.  Sea now heavy, wind velocity 40 knots.  Secured lookouts, CO, OOD, and JOOD on bridge.  Flank speed on four main engines only giving us 12/13 knots.  At T-0217 cleared to north.  The two pips on radar were gone, sank in heavy seas.  At T-0223 slowed to two thirds, to survey the badly mauled convoy.  Still 19 October.  At T-0233 radar showed two large pips, three small intermitent pips in the sea clutter.  Dove at T-0505 to rest the crew.  At T-1636 surfaced, received message to proceed Mios Woendi, east side New Guinea for re-load.  Changed course for Mindoro Strait, then southeast.  Transit.  On 20 October T-0300 exchanged calls with LAPON, at T-1800 exchanged data by megaphone with BREAM.  At T-2030 exchanged recognition signals with the GUITARRO.  On 21 October exchanged signals with LAPON.  On 22 October cleared Sibutu Strait.  On 23-25 October transit in "Joint Zone" to Mios Woendi.  On 25 October moored alongside HMAS KARUMBA, received 47,765 gallons fuel.  On 26 October T-0730 alongside ORION, then on 27 October took aboard twenty torpedoes, fresh water and stores.  The officers and crew had one-day rest at "Club Plonk".  At T-1500, underway.  On 27-28 October transit in "Joint Zone", northwest, many friendly aircraft.  On 30 October, sighted floating mine, exploded it with 20 MM gunfire.