RATON WAR PATROL # 4 - Commanding Officer, J. W. Davis CDR USN
The fourth patrol was conducted in the southern part of the South China Sea and the eastern part of the Java Sea between 10 May and 23 June 1944 (46 days).  Underway, en-route to Vermouth Gulf, arriving T-0740 on 13 May.  Took on 8,000 gallons fuel.  Headed north, transit of Lumbar Strait on 18 May, west through the Java Sea, to area of Charisnata Strait.  On 23 May sighted two inter-coastal freighters, north of Timberland Island, destroyed both ships with deck guns.  On 24 May en-route patrol area, South China Sea.  T-0000 radar contact, range 17,000 yards, dark overcast night, poor visibility.  Convoy was three large transports and four large destroyer (DD) escorts.  T-0102 started in.  At 4,000 yards convoy made a zig closing the range too rapid.  Went ahead on four main engines, turned away, and at T-0116 fired stern tubes at a destroyer at 2,700 yards.  One minute, 52 seconds the first torpedo hit, the ship blew up, the second hit her aft.  The destroyer sank in less than two minutes.  A hit was seen on the leading transport, damaging her.  We broke off, the convoy reformed, we began an end around.  T-0440 began run, planned to fire three at leading destroyer, three at leading transport and four MK18's at after destroyer.  Commenced firing low power run, range 5,600 yards (attack 2A).  Due to a range error given during the attack, all torpedoes missed.  The convoy now heading ANANBAS, at T-0622 submerged.  25 May new area, south of DANGEROUS GROUND.  Patrolling 26-27 May.  At T-0400 SJ radar interferance, appears to be another SJ radar.  Lat 7-32N Long 108-51E.  T-0535 lost interference.  At T-0615 Raton shaken up by two explosions, appears port side.  Went full right rudder making 17 knots.  After the turn the OOD saw oil streaks 1,000 yards off the port bow.  NOTE:  This was the RATON - LAPON incident covered in another report.  Lat 7-46N Long 108-33E.  On 28 May Raton sighted and tracked a Japanese RO-51 Class submarine, but missed due to zigs and unfavorable angles.  Working with GUNNEL in adjacent area.  29 May T-1055 exchanged recognition signals with GUNNEL.  30-31 May south of DANGEROUS GROUND, at T-0810 fathometer showed 18 gathoms, reversed course.  At T-1407, sighted smoke, 15 miles begun end run.  Target was properly marked Japanese Hospital Ship, silhoutte of Yosima Maru.  Broke off.  At T-0210 headed for Balbac Strait area, N/W coast of Borneo.  On 1 June, submerged, at T-0655.  At T-0705 sighted masts of 5-6 ships, "Betty" aircraft circling.  Unable to close, range 18,000 yards.  T-1211 surfaced to head convoy off at Brunai Bay.  2 June, no contact, convoy changed course, probably headed south.  At T-0544 submerged, keeping four to five miles outside reported mine-patrolled area.  T-1340 sighted smoke, large convoy of eleven ships with four escorts, three are destroyers.  T-1630, aircraft closed us, submerged, and went to "battle stations".  T-2120 dead ahead of convoy strung in one line, bright moonlight.  T-2123 fired at destroyer, #1 hit under stack, second hit seven seconds later, destroyer blew up, was a modern type.  T-2125 destroyer bow gone, stern going under.  T-2126 five very close depth charge explosions, started deep dive.  While at 120 feet, 7/8 more then in a total of 15 minutes, a total of forty-one.  Later, concluded they were from sinking destroyer, other escorts were farther away, pinging and also dropping depth charges.  T-2300 sighted destroyer, range 5/6 miles, turned away flank on four main engines.  Destroyer turned towards us firing his guns.  T-0416 submerged, went to "battle stations", destroyer started to drop depth charges, went to 350 feet, had a good negative gradient on BT, worked away at two thirds speed, torpedo reload not ready.  T-1100 periscope depth, all clear.  Stayed submerged to rest crews.  T-1841 surfaced.  8 June, T-1445 GUNNEL called on TBS, had us in sight on their high periscope watch.  13 June, transit of Karimata Strait, T-1705 sighted large sailboat, T-1842 surfaced, closed, put 30 Cal fire across bow, and came alongside.  Motioned, entire crew of 11 came scrambling on to our deck.  One was shouting "Nippon Singapore".      
The boarding party consising of LCDR Frank Bewley (XO), CTM Erastus Hemingway, GM2 Vito Nicoletti, TM2 Anthomy Winfisky, and S1C Robert LaCourse went aboard.  At T-2000, junk sank swiftly, boarding party escaped, left in water.  Rescued by quickness of deck handling, all of party was taken on board, given dry clothes, a few slugs of brandy, and they were back on their feet.  The junk, HEENG SENG LIE was en-route to Singapore, originally from Hainan Island, was 38 tons registered, had 360 bags granulated sugar, 100 bags of raw sugar, crew were Chinese.  NOTE:  The boarding party and deck recovery team were all awarded Bronze Stars.  14-17 June, area Java Sea, N/E of Bawean Island.  T-0744, submerged, sighted mast amidst rainsqualls, ship is small inter-coastal freighter.  T-0959 single ping range on sonar, 850 yards, fired the last three torpedos.  #1 went under, #2 passed ahead, the third hit her aft, and ship sank.  Picked up survivors, one Japanese (Engineering Officer), and eight natives (Celebes).  In the wreckage found a drawer full of 85 charts, a chart log, suitcases, flags and life ring.  Ship was AKEGATA MARU and had a crew of 31.  Cargo was sugar, rice, salt and four Japanese automobiles.  T-1130, cleared Strait, en-route Freemantle.  T-1610 sighted RASHER, exchanged data and transferred two cartons mimeograph stencils.  23 June, T-0850 moored nest ORION, Freemantle.  Patrol was designated "Successful".  Raton was credited with sinking Escort Vessel (DE/DD 1,700 tons (attack #1), Escort Vessel DE/DD 1,200 tons, one Small Cargo (AK) 600 tons, one small junk, 38 tons.  Rest period was spent at the Ocean Beach Hotel again.     
RATON WAR PATROL # 5 - Commanding Officer, M. W. "Mike" Shea CDR USN
The fifth war patrol was conducted in the South China Sea from 18 July to 19 September 1944 (55 days), off the coast of Luzon, P.I.  Refit completed, Raton spent five days of intensified training on surface and submerged exercises.  Underway on 18 July 1944 to exercise area conducting search and attack problems with RASHER, GUITARRO and BLUEFISH.  At T-2300 departed Freemantle, bound for Darwin, with GUITARRO.  Conducted drills, gun exercises, moored T-0843, took on 28,300 gallons fuel.  T-1600 underway, headed north.  On 31 July cleared Sibutu Strait.  2 August, cleared Mindoro Strait, submerged T-0535.  On 3 August, T-1334, sighted convoy, one cargo (AK), one tanker (AO) and trawler escort, 10 miles off Luzon coast.  Surfaced for end run but convoy entered Dasol Bay.