Yokosuka, Japan 1955
Sailor with no hat believed to be Wendell Rausch
Left, Jerry Mann
Center, Bowden EN3(SS)
The following was provided by Donald D. Wood, ET2(SS), 1954-1957.
Donald Wood, Electronics technician third class, USN, right, son of Mr. and Mrs. Webster Wood of Mays, Indiana, presents a team patch to Rear Admiral Leon J. Huffman, Pacific Fleet Submarine Force Commander at Pearl Harbor. 
  Wood, who is captain of the Submarine USS Raton's softball team, made the presentation to Rear Admiral Huffman as a reminder of his ship's 8-7 victory over the Pearl Harbor submarine USS Greenfish in May 1956.
  Wood pitched and hit a home run in the game which was played at Pearl Harbor during the Raton's four-day stopover while en route to the Western Pacific.