This is a new page that I am starting and thought you might enjoy.  I know I have often asked the question "What ever happened to ...." many times and I'm sure you have to.  I will start out with my own to use as a guide.  If you would like to add to this page send it to me by snail mail or email.
William L. "Bill" Decker RMC(SS) USN Retired
11/55 - 2/56 USNTC, Great Lakes, IL
2/56 - 7/56 RM "A" School, SSC, Norfolk, VA
7/56 - 1/58 USS Quapaw ATF110, Pearl Harbor, HI
1/58 - 11/61 Naval Communications Station, Yokosuka, Japan
12/61 - 11/63 Commander Naval Air Pacific Staff, San Diego, CA
1/64 - 8/65 USS Raton AGSS-270, San Diego, CA
8/65 - 3/66 RM "B" School, USNTC, San Diego, CA
4/66 - 3/68 USS Gato SSN615 Pre-Commisioning Crew, Quincy, MA
3/68 - 3/69 USS Jack SSN605, Groton, CT
3/69 - 5/69 Instructor/Leadership School, Great Lakes, IL
6/69 - 5/72 RM "A" School Instructor, USNTC, Bainbridge, MD
5/72 - 11/74 USS Theodore Roosevelt SSBN600G, Charleston, SC
11/74 - 1/76 USS Francis Scott Key SSBN657G, Charleston, SC

1/14/76 - RMC(SS) USN Ret  with 20+ years of service, Charleston, SC 

1/76 - 5/76 Arby's Restaurant, Assisstant Manager, Charleston, SC
5/76 - 9/76 Burger Cheff Restaurant, Assistant Manager, Charleston, SC
9/76 - 6/84 Data-Design Laboratories, Technical Services Engineer, Arlington, VA
6/84 - 4/85 Vitro Corporation, Senior Staff Specialist, Arlington, VA
4/85 - 11/86 Analysis & Technology, Project Manager, Arlington, VA
11/86 - 8/89 Kaiser Engineers, Principle Logistician, Arlington, VA
8/89 - 2/93 Daedalean Inc., ILS Manager, Arlington, VA
3/93 - 3/99 AmerInd, Inc., Principle Logistician, Arlington, VA
4/1/99 - Civilian and retired FOR GOOD, Woodbridge, VA
I was advanced to RMC(SS) at USNTC, SSC,  in June 1969.  I stayed in the Charlestonm SC area for a  few months after I retired in January 1976 trying to figure out what I was going to do with the rest of my life.  I soon accepted an offer from Data-Design Laboratories in Arlington, VA and moved to Woodbridge, VA in September 1976.  I started out working on the development of the Index of Technical Publications for the SSN688 Class of submarines on a contract with Naval Sea Systems Command.  For the next twenty plus years I was involved in the development of various Navy Training Plans, Integrated Logistic Support Plans, Index of Technical Publications, and ILS certification for the Trident Training Facility, Kings Bay, GA.  Although I worked for various contractors over the years supporting NAVSEA and SPAWAR on submarine communications contracts I supported Mr. Carl Haines in SEA 92L and his staff for the last thirteen years.  I feel extremely proud to have supported the submarine service on both active duty and as a civilian for more than thirty four years of my life.  As the saying goes, once a submariner, always a submariner.

I retired for good on 1 April 1999.  My wife Louise, and I, had a new home builit in the Shenandoah Valley, about five miles west of Woodstock, VA, and we moved in on 22 November 2000.  What a way to go.
492 Fairview Circle, Woodstock, VA 22664 (540) 459-1928